The Mindset Shift You Need to Win the Work

The Mindset Shift You Need to Win the Work

In this recent post I shared three essential elements to a successful pitch meeting. They are deceptively simple and obvious on the surface…and I know first hand how difficult they can be to execute.

Sometimes we get in our own way. We want to talk about us…our experience and our results.

I get it. We close deals, get cases against our clients dismissed on summary judgment and tackle big regulatory issues (I’m talking about the collective “we”…I haven’t practiced in a while). We know really important business can only get done with an attorney. But with all of this good stuff to talk about, there’s potential for a one-sided conversation with a prospective client.

Don’t get me wrong – the experience and results are absolutely critical…at the right time in the process. Until then, you’ll need a thorough understanding of where your prospective client is now, and throughout every step.

How do we get there?

Do this: shift your mindset from what you have to offer to being in your client’s shoes. You’ll do this by asking yourself questions like: Why does this matter? How does this benefit them?  What’s in it for them?

For example, what’s motivating your potential client for taking the meeting? Why aren’t they satisfied with their current counsel? Find out before the meeting so your team can address their concerns. Sometimes our assumptions going into the meeting are incorrect.

We have to ask. Yes, that’s not always easy. But asking will make you a better business developer.