About Rhonda Ulrich

If you’re an achievement-driven risk taker I think you’ll see a lot of “you” in my story – both the highs and the lows.


Over 20+ years, I’ve helped to empower my clients and customers using the practical skills and tools I’ve personally developed to build a thriving career.

How did I make this happen? It wasn’t always clear-cut.

Like many of my clients, I was hungry to achieve. With no silver spoon in sight, I pursued my dreams – hard. I worked through college and law school. I became a practicing attorney. I pushed myself to do great work, gain credibility and take risks, even if that meant moving to different, new-to-me roles.

I was hungry to learn how business worked, so I made the risky decision to dump a perfectly fine career as a practicing attorney to sell to law firms. And as a senior corporate sales rep, I exceeded quotas. One of my AmLaw 100 clients invited me to interview for an in-house role, where I landed and stayed for 9 years. I helped attorneys land new opportunities, even double their book of business (and save client relationships about to go off the rails).

I LOVED those roles but wanted more time to level up my skills so I could bring even more to my clients. So, I started my own consultancy in 2016. I added new skills to my marketing and business development arsenal. I learned new technologies, mastered skills in the digital world and took on large-scale communications initiatives. I talked to people, joined masterminds, found a guide and stretched. 

Since creating my consultancy in 2016, I’ve been honored to serve AmLaw 100 law firms, solo attorneys, top realtors and construction firms (among others) with their website and sales content, their sales processes and more. 

I tell clients: Never stop learning. And I practice what I preach. (I’m jumping on a webinar when I finish writing this!) After all, I need to bring fresh insights to my clients to help them become the next success stories.


Let’s make it happen.


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