You want to show your clients and prospects your expertise and abilities. Set yourself apart from the competition.

You want a fresh and effective sales, marketing and business development strategy. A targeted, tactical communications campaign tailored for your business. A step-by-step blueprint designed to grow with your success.

You don’t just want to close the short-term deal. You think bigger than that.

To achieve your vision, exceed your revenue projections and win more work, you need meaningful, lasting and profitable relationships with your clients. And a plan that will make your career both lucrative and satisfying. (Yes, you can have both.)

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Rhonda. I empower service-based businesses with the practical guidance and tools they need to win new clients.

As your professional success guide, I help you explore your market and identify what’s helping you land work and what you need to streamline or transform. I help you create a strategic sales and marketing plan, as well as a communications initiative including website, sales and other content that helps to convert a curious reader into a to paying client – or turn a one-off project into a retainer.

And, if you’re game, we’ll throw events that will not just impress clients, but also keep them engaged.

Best of all, I help you develop relationships and nurture them. Relationships are the seeds you plant to grow revenue.

This is all nothing without the HOW. How will we achieve your goals?

I am not your coach or your business cheerleader. This is a no-theory zone. I provide proven action steps and guidance that I’ve learned and tested through my 20+ years of professional experience as a practicing attorney and law firm partner, senior corporate sales rep (yep, with a quota), in-house marketer and business developer for a global law firm and consultant to clients in the real estate and construction industries.

Our time together is mission-oriented and concise. After I learn about you and your business and identify your vision, we’ll dive in to make it happen. We are going to get in and out like highly trained agents executing a classified operation. Time is your most precious asset – we won’t waste a minute of it.

Get ready to do the work that will make your business thrive.


Marketing and Sales Consulting

There’s no substitute for a strategic, doable approach, laser-focused on selling your clients on high-value work.

I help you:

  • Identify and describe your unique value proposition.
  • Explore and set specific sales and growth goals and determine tactics to achieve them.
  • Build a realistic accountability plan to keep you motivated and on track (and on time).
  • Focus on networking and cultivating meaningful relationships with clients and prospects.

Communications Consulting

You want to show your value and be heard in a noisy marketplace where competitors are churning out content. So . . . you are going to need to spend hours creating a bunch of social media, blog posts and client emails to stay relevant. Right?


Wrong! (Please don’t do that, OK?)


I help you:

  • Create web content, a brand promise, sales collateral, brochures and social posts that pinpoint the top reasons why your audience should do business with you.
  • Identify the right channels for your marketing efforts and teach you how to use them effectively.
  • Handle difficult or awkward conversations you might have with a client, from deadlines and scope, to budget, to preparing to negotiate on price.

Events, Sponsorships and More

Invest only in events, sponsorships or speaking engagements that people will remember and that will help you network and grow your relationships.

  • Identify the key business objectives for hosting an event or buying a sponsorship (what’s the most effective spend?)
  • Determine budget with strict management to stay in control.
  • Design event branding and communications.
  • Provide support on the day or evening of your event to coordinate vendors and flow.
  • Create a business and post-event action plan. Follow up is key.

Let’s Talk

Let’s turn your vision into action


My clients are killing it. They include:

  • Professional services firms
  • Law firms and individual lawyers (including mid-levels new to rainmaking)
  • Business owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Real estate agents
  • Construction industry players
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • Nonprofits



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